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Lead Shot Machine
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Alex Drozdov


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Nowadays question of environment protection becomes one of the most important issues. It influences many aspects including shot production industry. It is well known that lead which is usually used for shot manufacturing considered to be dangerous and toxic. This fact and the rest led to forbidding using shot made of lead in some North European countries.
Of course we cannot be aside of it too.
Considering attention to environment protection and present tendencies, we have designed a new model of the equipment - the machine for producing bismuth shot. The first machine was made by order for one big company from the United States. It is based on our specific MHD principal of shot production. And it is called MHD Bismuth shot machine.
Bismuth is the first non-toxic alternative which has almost the same parameters as lead.

General characteristics of the machine:

Productivity of MHD machine (average), kg/hour 20-135
Diameter shot, mm 2-4,25
3 Phases + loadable zero conductor + PE (ground)
The United States

380 V/220V, 50 Hz
110 V/220V, 50 Hz
The maximal electric capacity, kW 10